Meal Prepping for a Healthier Life!

February 8, 2017 • Melissa

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  • Check out these muscles!
    Check out these muscles!
    This is the kick ass group and workshop organizers that took part in the most recent meal prep workshop I attended. Check out the next few slides for some take away's I walked away with and the links to the recipes of these awesome and really simple dishes.
  • Parla Italiano?
    Parla Italiano?
    I miss my study abroad Italy days, well mostly I miss my fresh Italian pasta but we all know pasta isn't always the healthiest option so I am always on the look out for healthy alternative substitutes that still satisfy my Italian cravings. I thought I had them down with Spaghetti squash until I was introduced to the world of zoodles! I've seen these in the store but never knew a handy little machine like this would be so easy to use when making noodles out of zucchini (guys, I promise this is super easy)! Takeaway #1: Buy a spiralizer!
  • Final Product: Turkey Marinaraaaaa
    Final Product: Turkey Marinaraaaaa
    Another confession? This dish was so freaking delicious it didn't leave the workshop with me. It's probably one of my favorites and I devoured it in .5 seconds. I have been recently hopping back on the ground turkey band wagon and I loved finding a new way to make it exciting. Takeaway #2: There is such a thing as guilt free Italian!
  • Working hard or hardly working
    Working hard or hardly working
    One of my favorite parts of actually attending a meal prep workshop is doing it with a group full of people and seeing you aren't the only one who thinks silly things like, what in the world is a spiralizer and why does cutting onions always make me cry?! Takeaway #3: It is possible to make meal prep a fun group activity, next time you're going to meal prep invite a friend over and do it together. Cooking with others is a lot of fun and makes it feel like less work and more play.
    I have this cabinet full of mason jars and it never dawned on me to use them as food storage containers! I was so excited to learn how simple yet aesthetically pleasing creating a mason jar salad was. Takeaway #4: Save the tops to those mason jars & when you make a salad always put the liquid in first!
    This plate is so simple yet so delicious! While we were cooking the ingredients for the turkey marinara we were chopping up sweet potatoes, chicken, and broccoli.This was my favorite dish to eat at lunch during the week, giving me fuel for my workout and making me feel great. Takeaway #5: Portions are really really important, it could be one of the most important factors when looking for results while eating clean.
  • Okay...Take me home already!
    Okay...Take me home already!
    This is the actual end results of what everyone took home at the end of the workshop. I have to tell you, going home and having a fridge full of meals feels really damn good. Takeaway #6: Meal prepping can be broken out into two days so that you get the most out of your meals, keep them fresh, and change it up!

Confession time: I’m not much of a cooker, phew, there it’s out. And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let me add that I don’t necessarily dislike cooking, I do love learning and going to cooking classes I just haven’t gotten to that point where I really want to push aside something else just to cook a whole meal, rinse, and repeat on the daily.

However, after years of having a crazy travel schedule I have learned there is a major difference in how your body treats food eaten out versus food cooked at home. The fact is, I know that cooking at home and making my own meals is usually 99% of the time much better for my body and overall well being.  The hard part is finding the time and will power to do this on a daily basis. Even with my new schedule working remotely I still find myself working through meals rather than getting up to actually cook something. Lucky for me I have started finding solutions that actually work for me and help me stay healthy. Guessed it? Yup, it’s meal prepping.

I tried meal prepping for the first time years ago thinking it was just some fad that required a heck of a lot of tupperware and bulk buying so I tried it once or twice and never paid it much mind. Fortunately for me I was invited to a meal prepping workshop recently and I was able to finally find the perfect complement to my cooking woes. I found a way to get a cooking lesson, meet new like-minded people, and walk away with a week’s worth of lunches or dinners. Can you say winning?! So while, attending a meal prep workshop every week may not necessarily be in the budget I will say it is a great way to jump start those healthy cooking habits and kick start a killer new routine.

In the spirit of spreading the wealth I’m sharing with you guys some photos from my most recent meal prep workshop experience put on by mybebox in Manhattan, CA and the super easy and delicious recipes I walked away with. I can tell you I will definitely be making all of these dishes again!  Heck, in no time you’ll be able to call me chef Melissa (okay, maybe I’m going too far).


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