The Truth About Fat Shaming

July 30, 2017 • Emily Vondrak

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Have you ever been called too fat or too skinny? Felt pressure to lose or gain weight? Maybe you’ve even resorted to unhealthy eating or exercise routines to try to achieve someone else’s version of “perfect” as a result of fat shaming? We see it all the time in the media- Rihanna is suddenly called “fat” instead of “thick” for her curves and Emma Stone has been told to “eat a cheeseburger” for having a small waist. Hearing about celebrity cases often makes us angry, and rightfully so, but do you ever catch yourself judging others when they don’t meet those same impossible standards?
I’m right there with you.


Let’s be honest with ourselves ladies- we’ve grown up in a world of Barbies. As much as today’s culture wants to change and tell us to be yourself and that you are beautiful no matter what, that’s simply not what it’s showing us. Look at Cosmopolitan or really any other magazine that discusses makeup, fashion, or anything similar. We see headlines about loving ourselves, but also told how we need to use tips and tricks to lose weight by doing unhealthy things like fad diets.


Confused by the conflicting messages?
Because I am. We are surrounded by contradictions of being told to love ourselves, but that we need to “fix” something. The idea of perfection and striving to be beautiful is something girls face every day. Yet, women have created a culture of jealousy and judgment, as if it is some sort of competition to have the cutest clothes or #eyebrowsonfleek.


We ALL struggle with the same desires of wanting to be accepted, liked, and loved, so why make it harder for each other? You see an overweight girl busting her ass in the gym? Don’t laugh, tell her she can do it. Do you creep on your boy’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram and call her a slut or say that you’re prettier than her? Well, hate to break it to you but that makes you a bitch- 100% of the time. SO WHAT if she’s pretty or not? Let her do her and be happy.


We ALL deserve to be happy. If wearing crocs and bell-bottom jeans makes someone feel beautiful, then let them feel that way instead of calling them a freak. SO WHAT if a girl likes Uggs and leggings? She’s not “basic”, she’s probably super comfy.

As cliché as it sounds, beauty comes from within. Society may tell you that size zero is beautiful when being healthy is by far more important- you will feel beautiful if you live a better lifestyle. Don’t focus on losing weight, or dress sizes, or judging other people for how they look. Focus on eating well, taking care of your body, and loving others. That is what ultimately makes you beautiful inside AND out.


Emily Vondrak

Emily Vondrak

Emily is working as an Assistant Social Media Strategist for Adventurself. While currently pursuing her master’s degree at Hult International...
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