How A Well Styled Look Can Boost Your Positivity

June 15, 2016 • Sola

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Lifestoned Adventures

Annie was on to something when she sang “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” What you’re wearing and how you’re feeling are actually connected  in ways that you couldn’t imagine. Think about it, why do the best romantic comedies have a makeover scene? Because clothes, and the way we wear them, have the ability to change our outlook, boost our confidence, and makes us more creative. Self-confidence and a positive outlook are essential pieces of the puzzle that is happiness. Here’s how the items in your closet can help you come closer to solving that puzzle with a well styled look!

Boost Your Confidence

Picking the right cuts, styles, and colors can make you feel like you run things. And that exactly how every outfit should make you feel. So when you go shopping, don’t settle for something that you only feel so-so about. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it. Only leave the store with items that you know you can rock. A well-styled outfit should give you the confidence of Beyonce, so never pick ‘Blah’ when you really want va-va voom.

Jumpstart Your Creativity

Anyone who’s rifled through their accessory bag knows that the magic of an outfit is in the details. That magic comes from creativity, and putting together a well-styled outfit will get those creative juices flowing. Studies show that being creative is not only a major  stress release but it also helps you reflect and express yourself better. Believe it or not, how you dress says a lot about who you are as a person, so why not put your best outfit forward. Next time you get dressed, consider switching up your look by adding statement jewelry, a vibrant scarf, or a pair of shoes that provide your outfit with a pop of color. Play around with different accessories and see what you come up with, then replicate that look with some of your favorite articles of clothing.

Start Your Day Off Right

I’m not going to lie, by no means am I a morning person. I’m actually one of those, set three alarms, hit snooze 20 times kind of person. But, there’s nothing that (eventually) gets me moving like knowing that I need to put together my outfit for the day. Styling an outfit early in morning gives me time to reflect on the day ahead and plan on how I’m going to conquer it. So think of getting ready in the morning as a head start to a positive day. Plus, this is the best way to ensure that you get your caffeine fix before that first meeting.  

Be Ready For Night And Day

Who says an outfit can’t be for business and pleasure. If you plan accordingly, your outfit can help you master the ever so elusive work-life balance. We spend the majority of our day at work, and when it’s time to have fun, the very thought of searching and changing into a new outfit is enough to keep us home and glued to our Netflix account. However, making time for downtime is a super important part of staying positive. And the best way to avoid the after work Netflix slump is by harnessing the power of layering. Plan for your outfit to have different removable pieces so when it’s time to go out for dinner or drinks, you can remove your blazer and your flats and throw on heels and a pop-of-color-clutch and make it in time for 6:30 reservations.   

Stand Out

No two people wear an outfit the same way and therein lies the beauty of fashion! Like I mentioned earlier, creativity is the magic of styling. So don’t be afraid to dress up, dress down, wear colors, or wear all black. Be vintage, be modern, or be grunge. Try new styles, try new fabrics and pile on jewelry. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to stand out. Allowing yourself to think and dress outside of the box will make you confident, creative, and give you a positive outlook on your life. So believe in yourself (and your personal style)  and the rest will follow.


Fashion is way more than just pretty clothes. Fashion is how we express and represent ourselves. Fashion is how we face the day. And I want you to face the day with creativity, with purpose, and with style. So Adventurers, next time you stand in front of your closet, remember that standing up and standing out is the first step towards a positive and fabulous life.


Sola Onitiri

Sola is the Founder of Lifestoned Adventures, a fashion & lifestyle blog based in Philly.

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