Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staying in Shape

July 23, 2017 • Hannah Gold

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If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time saying no to that extra slice of pizza and never turn down that ice cream. But…you are also too lazy to go to the gym or a workout class. I, the laziest girl in the world, (or at least that is what my parents tell me) have created a my own lazy girl’s guide to getting a workout in, while barely moving from the couch.

TV Challenge

Summer is meant for sitting on the couch all day watching Grey’s Anatomy and reruns of Friends, right?? So why not maximize that couch time and minimize the gym time while doing some exercises during commercials?! That’s right my go to cardio is doing jumping jacks, planks, sit ups (my favorite since you don’t even have to get up from the couch for them), or running in place (or to the fridge and back for a snack). If you’re really ambitious, you can even combine these during commercials.


FITBIT Challenge

For my birthday this past year my grandma got me a Fitbit (not sure if that was my family’s way of telling me I need to work out),  regardless, if you have one, or want to go buy one, this challenge can actually be fun! One day over summer I checked my Fitbit and I had an embarrassing 500 steps for the day and it was 5PM, this motivated me to attempt to reach my step goal for that day. Next thing, I knew I was trying to do all of the goals, like the “294 steps to feed the hour!” notifications. My two cents? Stop ignoring those Fitbit challenges like we all commonly do and actually do them! You’ll feel so much better about sitting on the couch, or staying in bed all day.


Tourist Challenge

Being a tourist in your own city can be fun, and even a great exercise! Being from Los Angeles, there are so many opportunities to work out in a fun way, but especially with friends. One time my friend dragged me to the Hollywood sign hike, and it totally kicked my butt but it was so worth it! Hiking with friends is so much fun, especially because it’s the best opportunity to see pretty views, cute dogs, and get the perfect instagram! Although hiking gets us lazy people up from our comfy couches, it is totally worth it! My favorite hike is the Hollywood sign hike, and although the hike will totally kick your butt, the view is one thousand percent worth it (it’s also the perfect instagram opportunity).


Bachelorette Challenge

If you watch the Bachelorette, or Bachelor, and don’t play drinking games with your friends while you watch, then you have not truly watched the show. However, as much as I recommend Bachelorette drinking, the Bachelorette workout game is even better! It is basically the same as the drinking game, but instead of drinking every time someone says “I’m here for the right reasons” or cries (because there are more tears in this show than are shed watching Greys Anatomy) instead of picking up that shot glass, do a workout! I’ve done this with my friends before and it was so much fun. Definitely one of my favorite lazy girl workouts, especially with your friends motivating you to finish those 25 burpees.


Puppy Challenge

If you have a dog, or have easy and convenient access to a dog, walking them is great exercise! Who doesn’t love dogs, and what dogs don’t love being walked?! The correct  answer to this question is no one and no dogs. Walking a dog can be great quality time with you and your pup, and who knows, you can even make a business out of walking the dogs around your neighborhood. Get some exercise and earn some cash while doing it!


Pool Party Challenge

Since it is summer and incredibly hot, who doesn’t daydream about laying out by the beach or the pool all day? No one, exactly! So, get your girlfriends together and have a fun pool day! Swimming is great exercise, and, believe it or not, tanning can be good for you! Laying out in the 100+ degree heat will make you sweat and sweating is good for you, so therefore tanning can be compared to running on the treadmill (well, at least I like to think so). Swimming is also a great workout! Try to have a conversation with your friend while treading water, it’s super hard and a great workout.


Hannah Gold

Hannah Gold

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