Newsflash: Social Media Isn’t Ruining Your Relationship!

January 22, 2017 • Kayla

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Social media gets a bad rap in our society. It’s a love-hate relationship. We love social media when it enhances our lives by allowing us to stay connected. We hate social media when it appears to threaten our relationships through sketchy DM’s, suspicious likes, and suspect follows. The digital age has created an abundance of societal improvements yet highlights the highs and lows of life’s journey with a techno-colored glasses. Is social media the cause or merely a catalyst for failing relationships?

Our relationships appear to be drastically different than the relationships of our parents and grandparents. But if we think simplistically, have the innate characteristics of relationships changed that much? I think not. We all want to love and be loved. We want to be acknowledged, recognized, and validated. We crave relationships bred on security, honesty, authenticity, and passion. If those attributes for successful relationships still reign true, then perhaps social media isn’t to blame.

When you take the time to dissect the common relationship issues we experience in the digital age, it bears a striking resemblance to what our parents went through back in the day. So perhaps times have not changed as much as we may like to think.

Scenario #1

Back in the day: She scolds you as you check out the hot waitress.

Today: She gets mad at you for liking a bikini pic at 2 am.

Reality: She’s insecure about your relationship or doesn’t trust you.

Scenario #2

Back in the day: He gets uncomfortable when you wear that skimpy dress to the club.

Today: He doesn’t feel comfortable with you posting sexy selfies.

Reality: He’s worried about losing you or doesn’t trust you.

Scenario #3

Back in the day: She sends you to the couch if your birthday card isn’t heartfelt.

Today: She gets annoyed when you don’t sappily post about birthdays or anniversaries.

Reality: She wants to feel loved and validated and needs to hear it.

Scenario #4

Back in the day: She’s upset you didn’t call her back but grabbed beers with your buddies.

Today: She’s pissed you haven’t called her back but just posted on your Snapchat story.

Reality: She doesn’t feel like you prioritize her or doesn’t feel loved and wanted.

Scenario #5

Back in the day: He gets uncomfortable when you partake in happy hour with your coworkers.

Today: He gets pissed when he realizes you’re FB friends with your hot coworker.

Reality: He feels insecure about you spending time with other men.


Times may have changed and forms of communication improved, but it appears that we’re still battling the same issues just under a different lens. We’re now forced to confront certain relationship issues in harsher ways like perusing through your IG’s following page only to see your boo creeping on some thot late night.The details may have changed, but the root of the issues remain the same. This relationship battlefield will exist until the end. So before you blame social media for unsuccessful millennial relationships, question the validity of that statement. The cause of the demise of your relationship is reaches far beyond social platforms. Social media sheds a bright light on what has always been.


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