What will your story be?

July 18, 2017 • Alice Cho

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Whose story is this?

Raped at 9 years old.
Pregnant at 14 years old.
Her baby was born premature and died shortly after.
Her mother gave her sister up for adoption with a brother dying of AIDS.
Lost her job at 23 years old.

Still worked her hardest and persevered to…
Began her career in 1984 as a television show host.
Worked day and night consistently
Became the queen of television talk shows.

….Oprah Winfrey

“People talk about physical fitness, but mental health is equally important. I see people suffering, and their families feel a sense of shame about it, which doesn’t help. One needs support and understanding.”Deepika Padukone

Mental Health controls the way you live your life, how you perceive anything that comes your way, and the decisions you make as an individual. Trusting yourself and knowing exactly who you happen to be are two of the most important characteristics that a person can know about themselves. Knowing what you like, who you are, what you stand for all lead up to living a life that you know you’re going to be comfortable ultimately enjoying to the fullest.

Growing up in an Asian household, I was told exactly what I wanted and who I was from the moment I was born. I was instructed to do well on my studies and if I wasn’t doing well, I was automatically considered a failure, seen as nothing more than a disappointment. I was told exactly what extracurricular activities I wanted to pursue, and I wasn’t given a choice. Being told exactly what to do so often that at one point my every move was robotic. I didn’t really have much time nor did I have the chance to give much thought about what made me happy.

The problem with being told what I wanted was that it didn’t leave me much room to figure out where my own happiness was. There’s a saying that goes “You know your own body the best”. So why do we allow others to decide what makes us happy? When the time came where I had the freedom to conduct my own thoughts and become my own person, I immediately became a happier person.

There is power in making our own decisions and living a life that is true to who we are as individuals. Our perspective on our life contains so much power. Don’t believe it?

Now imagine a teenage girl…

Rejected from college at 17 years old
Lost her mother at 25 years old
Suffered a miscarriage at 26 years old
Got married at 27 years old
But her husband abused her.
Got a divorce and diagnosed with severe depression at 28 years old
Became a single mother at 29 years old
Wanted to commit suicide at 30 years old

But despite her struggle…
Published her first book at 31 years old
Published four more books by the age of 34 years old
Sold 11 million copies of her new book as soon as it released at age 42 years old

Meet J.K. Rowling.

What story will you write?

Alice Cho

Alice Cho

Alice is currently interning as an Assistant Community Manager for Social Media Relations. She is a fourth-year Media and Cultural...
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