Dating app faux pas you NEED to stop today!

January 9, 2017 • Kayla

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Dating apps according to the ladies…

After jumping back into the dating game, it took me some time to join the dating app bandwagon. TBH, I loved it at first. Let’s be real, as a girl; dating apps can be fun. I started with Bumble and loved it. The control was a bit daunting- for all you newbs, Bumble is the confident girl’s playground. Women have 24 hours to message men before the match times out. BUT, if you’re lucky, men can use an extension (one allotted daily) granting you 24 additional hours to chat. Let’s be honest; it’s an ego boost. Although I enjoyed crafting super witty and engaging introductions, I quickly became bored and joined the big leagues. Alas, I rejoined Tinder.

Fast forward a month, and I’m sick of both apps. As you dating app users know, there are several annoyances that plague the experience. You might find a gem, but for the most part, these landmines are at every turn. So fellas, if you exhibit any of these behaviors, please cease and desist IMMEDIATELY. I may not be a dating app expert, but I’ve heard these complaints from the majority of women!

Guys, stop taking pics with mad chicks!

I get it you’re dope and everything but if you had game like that why are you on here?! You know what I’m talking about, the guys who have a plethora of pics with super slutty looking girls surrounding him.

Would it kill you to write a bio?!

Setting up a profile on dating apps is simple, the only thing you have to do besides choosing a picture (which our egos love) is writing a bio. Take 5 minutes to let us know a little bit about who you are. If you don’t, I quickly categorize you as lazy, and if your pictures don’t say a thousand words, I’m on to the next one.

You’re too far bro!

I get it; you’re like well traveled and everything but come on throw me a bone here. Give me at least two pictures close enough for me to make out the shape of your face. What have you got to hide?

If I get another one-word answer, I swear…

Starting the conversation is tough, Bumble helped me realize that. But if you can’t keep the conversation going we’re doomed from the start.



Tinderfella-How’s your day?

Tinderella-Good, you?

Bored yet?

Group photos are just cruel.

It’s like a game of Where’s Waldo! I have no idea who you are if you only post group photos. It’s just plain rude. If we’re going to meet, I’m going to find out eventually, so the jig is up.

The never ending feeler…

Shooting the shit for days on end is so anticlimactic. Message after message, you eagerly await the moment he finally asks you out. As I’m writing this, I recognize that in 2017 that I’m fully capable of asking a man out, but hey sometimes I want to hold on to as much tradition as I can in the dating app world.

No, I don’t want to Netflix and chill!

My biggest dating app pet peeve of all is the infamous Netflix and chill proposition. Most women need at the very least, the illusion of effort in planning the first date. It doesn’t need to be lavish, heck you can invite me to a pizza joint- that will still go further in my book than a coy attempt to get me back to your place right off the bat.

Now what?!

I’ve said my piece and hopefully you heed my advice because I speak for the majority. Dating is hard, especially when intermingled with unreliable, inauthentic, and impersonal attributes of technology. Now that the dust has settled from my brutally honest list of dating app faux pas, I’d like to present the key takeaways.

Instead of taking pictures with mad women, group photos, or pics snapped from a distance, be confident in yourself and don’t be afraid to show the dating world the real you. You’ll go a lot further with authenticity!

Instead of leaving a blank bio or responding with one-word answers, let the world in. You don’t need to be poetic or smooth, just be you. The ones that matter will appreciate it.

Instead of letting the conversation drag for weeks, be a go-getter for what you want. Life is short so carpe diem already!

Instead of Netflix and chill in lieu of the first date, remember that patience is a virtue and if you’re just trying to smash, don’t pretend to be interested in the first place. There’s no need for the bait and switch.

Alrighty, as we all know, the dating game is no joke. Sometimes it’s fun, boring, annoying, and everything in between. With this up close and personal review from the female community, you’re now ready for dating prosperity!



Kayla Pina

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  • Hemi

    Ok…..I’ve succesfully dodged all of those quirks and have not had too much success! Any advice?? No tigers! Or Lions! Or Bears! Or is that a plus????

    • Kayla Pina

      Great question! Before I answer, are you having trouble getting or date or keeping the spark alive after the first date?

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