How to open yourself up to love

August 29, 2016 • Kayla

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Ah, love. When I was a little girl, obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, I imagined love to be that “Can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff.” The years have taught me that although that sensation isn’t too far from the truth, true love is a lot of work and even a little scary. To open yourself to love, you must overcome this emotion known to hinder any personal process: fear.

Believe it or not, the prospect of love is enough to embed notions of fear.

Am I worthy of love?

Do they truly love me?

Will our love last?

There’s a cycle of fear that begins early on as we experience our first big love. As a love rookie, we’re anxious to dive head first into our first big relationship because the fear of rejection and pain is unfathomable. Then after we have our first big heartache, the second attempt at love is even harder. Now that we know how hard it was to take that leap, and how painful it was to watch it all come crashing down; we build seemingly indestructible walls to ward off any possibility of heartache again. The cycle continues and as seasoned daters, we find ways to venture out amongst the opposite sex with ease. We traipse around ‘casually’ looking for the one. Once you find him/her the fear is a little less severe but still scary. A small part of you wonders if all your love, time, effort and even secrets will go to waste only to throw you back on the field.

Unfortunately, fear is inevitable. Fear can infiltrate our lives and acts as an impassable roadblock to our dreams. So if you’re ready for love, but unable to open yourself to the possibility of falling head over heels; prepare to dig deep, get down and ugly, and finally open yourself up to love. With these seven raw and real tips, you’ll be well on your way to open up that icebox where your heart used to be (sorry I couldn’t avoid that fantastic Omarion reference).


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    ah the Olsen Twins…i loved me some “New York Minute”

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