Confessions of a newbie in the real world: I QUIT!

June 19, 2016 • Ariana

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I promised all of you lovely Adventurers an update on my new career in public accounting. WELP, here it is: I QUIT! It sounds very dramatic and rash, but I can assure you it was well-thought out. Although it was scary and took a lot of guts, it was exactly what I needed to reboot my soul.

I was about seven months deep in my career but more importantly, my new-found depression. I was withering away from the inside out. I woke up one morning and thought to myself, “WHAT IS MY GOAL? Why am I allowing myself to feel this way?” And I realized that if there will ever be a time in my life when I could afford to put in my two-week notice without a backup plan, it’s RIGHT NOW.

Of course, I had gone on a plethora of interviews. All within the realm of accounting and finance, some even with smaller public accounting firms that were closer to home (I figured maybe an easier commute could numb the pain of, well, everything else). I was taking my precious time before accepting any offers that didn’t feel like the right match. And as I continued my job search, the anxiety lived on.

Mind you, throughout the entire journey of searching for a new job; I knew in my heart that all I really wanted to do was scoop ice cream on a beach somewhere. Talk about an insatiable search…

The morning I put my notice in I went on an interview for an accounting position at the coolest company: A pharmaceutical research company. Essentially, this company saves lives. My brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a couple of years ago, so the pharmaceutical industry is beyond intriguing to me. After all, the medicine and insulin he needs to manage his disease had to go through intensively scrutinizing phases before hitting the market and making a difference in lives all over the world, including my home.

After hitting send on my e-mail to HR, I felt confident that I had made the right decision, constantly reminding myself that what is meant to be will be and that everything happens for a reason.

Not even four hours later, I got a phone call from the pharmaceutical company with such an amazing offer; I honestly felt I may not have heard correctly. It felt like fate and I accepted right away, feeling so sure that my happiness will be reborn with this new accounting job in the pharmaceutical industry. (That’s a bit of a stretch, but compared to my levels of well-being right now, it will drastically improve).

While I certainly don’t know what the future holds, I feel so happy to have taken control of a shitty situation. I took steps in the right direction to MAKE A CHANGE. If you are unhappy – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We were not put on this earth to pay bills and die. Unfortunately, we need a job to afford our lives – but make sure the cost isn’t an unbearable one. I can promise you if I ever find myself as unhappy as I was the past seven months, I will not hesitate to make MORE moves and find myself. If I have to cut back on spending while I scoop ice cream on a beach somewhere, so be it. Put your happiness and well-being FIRST.


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