The Power of Praise

October 31, 2016 • Curtis

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Once in a while, a moment comes along that seems borderline perfect. You feel great, and everything is inexplicably going right. But how often do we stop to be truly grateful for that moment? Do you openly or mentally express praise to reflect your appreciation? If so, then you know firsthand the benefits of holding an attitude of constant praise and gratitude. If not, then I’ll tell you why we at Adventurself made it a life goal to practice praise and gratitude.

Openly and honestly praising people, animals, and yourself seems to force happiness into any soul. Praising an event, a fact of life or an object completely alters our point of view into one which recognizes beauty instead of condemning inadequacies. It influences our decisions around those beautiful things, ultimately making us happier and more productive. Most do this naturally with new or long-awaited blessings. It’s the so-called “common” things and experiences we seem to foolishly take for granted.

Because every field of human endeavor must grow to remain relevant and up to date in our ever-evolving reality, it’s important to recognize the blessing in every tragedy. The solution that inherently lies within every problem. We can cultivate this ability naturally by developing an attitude of constant praise and gratitude. Praise is the main channel through which growth flows from. Growth implies the advancement of what currently exists. For example, the Wright brothers had to pioneer the three-axis control system required to operate any airplane, before someone could praise the concept and then innovate on the same principles of the machine to create the Boeing 747.

The attitude of constant praise is extremely beneficial. Honest praise and gratitude are the development of faith in the universe and in the abundant opportunities we’ve each been given. Praise also bestows a ‘vision’ that recognizes opportunities in what most would consider very trivial, everyday things. As I mentioned earlier, a person with a highly grateful attitude can see opportunity in seemingly negative aspects of life or even straight up tragedies, some call this finding the silver lining. For roughly 300 years Indians despised the British for their appalling treatment of India and its people. Gandhi saw Great Britain’s mismanagement of its territory as an opportunity to unite an entire nation and peacefully lead them to freedom. India’s now emerging as a world superpower, and I think it’s safe to say Mohandas Gandhi played a massive role in that achievement.

We praise what works in our lives, which creates a perceived value. How deeply we value something determines how much energy and thought go towards those values. The more positive energy you put towards something, let’s say your family, the more time and thought you’ll spend working to keep your loved ones happy and well. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, you can greatly value a person, thing or idea. But if you form that energy in a negative way, fearfully or furiously, it will eventually cause regrettable actions and circumstances. Holding a fearful or angry outlook toward something you value, like your finances or your boyfriend shifts your attitude to one of condemnation and your powers of achievement are significantly reduced. Without grateful and praising attitudes, we end up giving our power to the obstacles that keep us from growing into our full potential.

How do praise and gratitude induce growth you ask? The answer is simple, we spend more time focusing on what does work and what is good for us, subconsciously influencing us to make decisions around those blessings. For example, think of any product, service or establishment. They are made up of particular features and aspects allowing them to operate as intended. Each feature or aspect of a product, service or an establishment can be placed into one of three categories; features that work as intended, features that need to be improved and features that should be abandoned entirely. The same is also true of the different aspects of people and organizations. It’s the attitude of praise and gratitude that allows one to distinguish which of those three categories any given aspect of any given subject falls under. Those with an attitude of praise will focus more on what works than what doesn’t, making it easy to abandon the superfluous and improve upon features that could use some work.

The well-balanced individual or organization does not condemn or ignore that which is underdeveloped. Instead, they praise it for what it can be, exercising their imagination in the process. There are tons of examples of this brand of innovation. It’s the reason my 2001 Audi A6 is an inferior version of a 2015 A6 (I’m deeply grateful for my whip though!).

We here at Adventurself challenged you this month to take the time to be grateful for the people, things and forces around us. Believe me when I say that practicing gratitude is like turning the lights on in a dark world. Gratitude is defined as “readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” While I paired the two concepts quite a bit here, praise is defined as “expressing warm approval or admiration of.” The reason I joined the two is that both involve actively expressing positivity to our current situation, which I believe is so important in attaining harmony with those around us and living a purposeful life. I’d also like to remind you that practicing praise and gratitude doesn’t cost you a thing and makes you feel great. So don’t just take our word for it, practice holding an attitude of gratitude and praise and experience the growth and happiness that comes along with it for yourself.


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