2016: The Year of Failures

December 30, 2016 • Colleen

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As the year 2016 comes to a close, my friends and I reflected on the visual images that best represent this past year. After a series of meme’s with individuals falling down stairs, burning what should have been delicious desserts, and frustrated babies we realized failures were a common theme. Check out this meme that really summarizes our emotions for the year.


After many laughs, it became clear that the theme of 2016 was the sheer and utter failure. A year no amount of New Year’s shots could prepare any of us for.

Throughout the higher education process and life after that, we are trained to believe that failure is not an option and are equipped with books, training, classes, clubs and jobs that will prevent us from doing so. There’s hope that we can be molded into winners who possess the holy grail of perfection without any mention of the powerful impact and importance of failure.

I tried and failed so damn much this year. I got a new job, moved to a new state but hated it and moved back within three days. Vacationed in new places and settings, but became unfamiliar with the gym. Shot a military style semi-automatic weapon and enjoyed it, but watched everything I valued and believe in become devalued and violated. This dizzying back and forth left me constantly feeling confused, off centered, and overwhelmed for the future.

As I close out another year of life, instead of stressing about my New Year’s Resolution I’m going to be reflecting on my failures and how I can move forward from them and find their deeper meanings.

I’ve talked a lot about my personal experiences and was curious to hear the good, bad, and ugly that other Millennial’s like me were feeling, so I asked around. Check out how other folks felt about this year. I asked 16 individuals (ages of 16-35), “ How would you describe your 2016?”


Here’s what they had to say!  

The Bad & The Ugly:

KB – “2016 can return to whatever Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hell Dimension it crawled out of.”

CL – “Ya boy got dumped and had to move out.”

JE – “F^&% this, try again next year.”

TR – “2016 felt like a really long, relentless exercise in holding my breath.”

BI – “It was a trash year, but I also became more of the person I wanted to be. I started a little late in the year, but I became more of the person I wanted to be.

BB – “2016 was just terrible.”

RD – “I’m tired.”

EF – “Super drained from this year.”

MJ – “2016 was a lot of me trying to get my life in order but then getting blocked and feeling discouraged.”

ZF – “ I’d say awful.”

The Good:

AV – “For me it’s been a year of finding myself and finding out how strong I am and what I’m capable of doing. This year has been a lot about self respect and self-love.”

EJ:” It was incredible challenging and tiring, but I’m thankful for all of the challenges because I know I’m a better person because of it. I just need to make sure self-care keeps happening.”

TL – “ 2016 was really good for me personally. As far as the professional, personal development, self care, and becoming happier with myself.”

CD – “2016 brought me you and I am grateful for that!”

JM – “2016 was all definitely all about the meme’s. “

ML – “I’d say it was pretty lit.”

Final Thoughts

If 2016 wasn’t the year that you took over the world, don’t worry. There’s no rush, and there’s always 2017. Although I know that your year and experiences are unique, it’s important for you to know that if 2016 felt like a waste- you’re not alone! Whether it was a good, bad or ugly year we still have 2017 to look forward to, and the rest of our lives quite frankly. Eager to read and share how more millennial’s years went? Drop us a note below!



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