The Four Types of Friendships You’ll Encounter in Life

March 15, 2017 • Vilma

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I love to reminisce about the friendships I’ve experienced throughout my life. I’m always amazed by the number of people we meet during our lifetime. Acquaintances who become friends. Friends who later become acquaintances. Friends who stand the test of time. The friendships that last a lifetime are those we have an unbreakable bond with regardless of life’s circumstances. Friends are people that will be part of life’s greatest memories. You share feelings, ideas, values, interests, and beliefs. It’s important to keep those friendships alive throughout the different stages of our life. Below are types of friends I believe everyone should have:

The High School Friends

I recently went to Honduras with three of my high school friends, and I can’t stop thinking of what an amazing time we had. We all took a break from our busy schedules to spend time together and reminisce about our high school years. The time I spent with them allowed me to be my true self. In other words, I wasn’t adult Vilma during that trip. I was crazy, I was a dreamer, I was loud, and I was that die-hard N’Sync fan again.

The College Friends

College friends are the ones who have witnessed your good and bad moments like the night of your 21st birthday. These friends become your family. One of my current best friends invited me to her family dinners to help me with my college homesickness. My other best friend was an international student, so we shared a mutual understanding of each other’s needs. Your college friends remind you how much fun yet trying life can be, from the crazy nights to the all-nighters at the library.

The Co-Worker Friends

I have, to be honest, this type of friendship can be tricky. I was always told that becoming too close to coworkers might lead to trouble. The best thing to do is to set boundaries and avoid gossip and drama. In my opinion, it’s impossible not to become friends with a least one person at work. I mean, we spend more time with our coworkers than with our family. My best advice is to use your intuition in determining who you should befriend from work. Luckily I came across amazing people that were able to listen and support me when things got rocky, shared fun times during happy hours, and also shared future life projects.

The Extracurricular Friends

When I moved to South Carolina for a few months, I felt the need to meet new friends outside of work. My life was a cycle of work, home, sleep, repeat because I didn’t know anybody. I was a recent college grad working a full-time job in a new and foreign city. Meeting new people became a challenge.That’s why I decided to join a group of young professionals that volunteered for community service. I was able to meet new people with similar passions just by signing up for a social group.



What’s my next type of friends? Maybe the parents of my future children or my neighbors that just moved in next door. The only thing I know is that every friend represents a phase of your life and can help frame important memories for us.


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