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Krista Ventures Out! First Stop- New Zealand

July 24, 2016 • Krista

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  • New Zealand
  • Doubtful Sound
    Doubtful Sound
    The most tourist-explored sound in the southern part of NZ is actually Milford Sound; however, we heard that Doubtful Sound was even more beautiful, so we set out early one morning from Te Anau. After 2 buses and a boat, we spent 3 hours gazing at waterfalls, sea lions and u-shaped valleys carved out by glaciers. This was definitely a day well spent in NZ.
  • Helicopter ride around Queenstown
    Helicopter ride around Queenstown
    With so much to see, I wanted to see it from every possible angle. From our helicopter, we touched down on top of one of the nearby snow-covered mountains and gazed over the city. There are plenty of activities for adventure seekers here- be sure to find one!
  • Rob Roy Glacier near Wanaka
    Rob Roy Glacier near Wanaka
    This was my absolute favorite NZ adventure. An hour drive from Wanaka, through the gravel and dirt roads, passing sheep and cows along the way, you have Mount Aspiring National Park in your sight the whole drive. The trek is 3-4 hours with views that get more magnificent with each turn.
  • New Zealand
    For more pictures or to follow me through my adventure as I explore New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, and Dubai, track my updates in real time on! Have other New Zealand favorites or questions? Share them here with fellow travelers who like to #ventureout

This summer I am doing some exciting traveling around the world; six countries, four climates, two continents all in just six weeks. I am excited to share my stories with everyone back home with my top three highlights from each country. First stop: the southern island of New Zealand.

New Zealand is filled with so much natural beauty. You cannot leave here without coming face to face with the mountains. This is why my favorite activities have been outdoors, even though it’s the middle of winter here. From Christchurch to Queenstown and Te Anau, here are my top three highlights during my visit to New Zealand.


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