Netflix & Chill: Four Documentaries to Love Yourself More This Weekend

November 16, 2016 • Vilma

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    What better way to inspire yourself to overcome any obstacle than by learning how others have fought against the odds. So here it goes, four documentaries you can watch on netflix right now that literally had me crying, laughing, falling in love with life and are sure to make you simply feel that everything will be okay.
  • 1-Happy (You must decide to just be happy)
    1-Happy (You must decide to just be happy)
    This documentary takes us on a journey around the world to demonstrate how people are happy regardless of their economic, emotional, and physical situation. It explores the idea that happiness can be achieve by being surrounded with family and involved in our community through exercise, compassion and service. This documentary further explores the notion that happiness is not necessarily found in money, fame, and/or physical beauty.
  • Dior and I (Life equals challenge)
    Dior and I (Life equals challenge)
    A minimalist Fashion Designer is selected as the new Christian Dior creative designer. For Simmons it was his first time leading a high fashion house and according to the Dior team not the most fitting candidate. To make things worst he only has eight weeks to come out with a new collection. Despite the many challenges, Simmons makes it all come together by believing in himself and not letting his talent and style get overshadowed by the pressures to live up to the legacy of the previous designer and Dior itself.
  • Miss Representation (We are more than our looks)
    Miss Representation (We are more than our looks)
    “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” –Alice Walker’s quote used at the beginning of the documentary. A study that explores how increasingly difficult it’s become to focus on just being yourself in a world where media is shaping our emotions, society, politics, and brain. At the early stages of their teenage years girls are getting the message that the most important thing is their appearance while boys believe the women’s portrayal in the media and un-achievable beauty standards is correct.
  • To be Takei (It’s okay to be Takei)
    To be Takei (It’s okay to be Takei)
    The activisit, director, author and actor, known for his role as Lieutenant Sulu from Star Trek describes his experiences in internment camps for Japanesse-Americans during World War II and his role as a gay-rights activist. “We are who we are, and all my life I always been myself, I was born to be actor” explains Takei. Highly recommend as an inspiration to embrace who you are at all times.


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