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Dear Future Me: A Solo Traveler’s Pick- Me- Up

April 13, 2016 • Alejandro

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Dear Future Me,

For weeks I have been buying backpacking supplies online, mapping out a trail of hostels, and explaining to family what the hell I’ll be doing in South America for a year.

While traveling solo is an experience full of self-growth that can never really be matched, it can bring some trying moments. In anticipation that life will trip you up while abroad, I’ve written this letter to lift your spirits when you need some confidence in one of those moments. I mean c’mon, who knows you better than me?

Here is some comforting advice. Remember, simplicity is key.

Youth and opportunity

Life tends to happen in cycles, but you may never ever get another chance to be exactly where you are right now, as a young person with the world at your fingertips. They don’t call them once- in- a- lifetime opportunities for nothing.

World renowned landmarks and destinations

Volcano treks of Ecuador. Salt flats of Bolivia. The ancient ruins of Peru. Chile’s glacier alley. Brazil’s exotic beaches. You’re seeing or about to see so much—discovery is at the tip of your endless imagination.

A familiar voice

Thanks to Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook and a number of other platforms, when you’re feeling particularly homesick or lonely, at least you can get in touch with family and friends. No WiFi? Write them a postcard— they’ll be thrilled!

Revisit your intentions

Take a moment in silence to think of your purpose for traveling alone. A sure way to re-center is to connect with nature. Hug a tree. Go for a swim. Cook yourself a meal. Your intentions for traveling in solitude will come back to you.

The road less traveled

Much like Mr. Frost, you have the backbone and tenacity to trust the voice within. You couldn’t have slung yourself across the face of the planet otherwise. I promise you, this road, will make all the difference. My imagination has gotten the best of me now that I am all packed for the trip. The hunger for travel and the restlessness of planning have shifted into a peaceful “eye of the storm” feeling.  And so, I want to capture myself at this very moment. Right now I am full of wholesome realizations, a striking confidence set on wild adventures, and ready to create unforgettable memories.


Dear Future-Me, I will soon live the air you are breathing and meet the friends you are sharing smiles with. I will be sitting beneath South American skies under a porch watching rain fall to Earth’s sweet soil. Gazing upon the misty stars in the Amazon, I will soon live— and much more. With each day bringing more distance between us, we are displaced by a lifetime, yet we are always one in spirit. Our spirit will guide us safely along sacred valleys and crystal lakes, with mystic winds whispering wisdom into our heart. May our desires be answered and more importantly, may we learn the values and lessons we need for the path even further ahead.  You speak to me as I speak to you, just as our past selves will always do.

With this letter I wish you become absorbed in bliss, thankfulness, and acceptance. Remember to accept love and give love freely. Despite any harm, continue to love. Be among the intrepid yet wise. Savor transcendence, the pulse of a brilliant aura and revitalization will forge us through our path.

Read these words with presence of mind, harmony, and much light.

Safe travels,



Alejandro Pulido

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