How I went from LAX to Sweden for just $218.56!

July 31, 2016 • Melissa

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Here’s the deal. I love to travel. I’ve known this about myself before I even knew what travel was all about. From the days where my family would take me to the airport to drop someone off I could feel in my bones the excitement of merely imagining where the friends, couples, business people zooming past me were off to next. The energy of an airport was one of my favorites.

Lucky for me, my love for travel has attracted all the right people and friends. Friends, that much like me are always on the lookout for a good deal and at a moment’s notice will book a good deal with or without anyone committing to join them.

With countless travels under your belt and friends like this you are sure to learn one or two things. (And, yes this was Round trip!)


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Melissa Rodriguez

Hi everyone! I’m Melissa. When I’m not lost in thought about what to create, where to adventure out to, or...
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